Go Diaper Free: A Simple Handbook for Elimination Communication

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Over half the world’s children are potty trained by 1 year old, but the potty training age in Westernized countries is getting older and older, leaving parents wondering: What did people do before diapers? and How do I help my own baby out of diapers sooner?

Elimination Communication, also known as infant potty training or having a diaper free baby, is the natural alternative to full-time diapers and conventional toilet training. “Diaper-free” doesn’t mean a naked baby making a mess everywhere…it actually means free from dependence upon diapers.

Go Diaper Free empowers parents of 0-18 month babies with accurate information and step-by-step guidance to EC with confidence, whether full time or part time, with diapers or without.

With this book new parents can avoid years of diaper dependence, potty training struggles, diaper rash, and unexplained fussiness. For those considering EC, in the middle of a potty pause, or confused about how to begin, this book makes everything simple, visual, and flexible.


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