How to Save Hundreds of Dollars in Diaper Costs and Have Fun with Your Baby!

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One of the biggest expenses involved with a new baby is the cost of diapers and wipes. This practical and easy-to-understand guide will provide you with options that will help you to use fewer diapers, experience fewer messes, and have more fun with your baby, and help your baby stay clean and sanitary. This guide outlines easy-to-follow steps for practicing natural infant hygiene. Babies have the instinct to eliminate in any receptacle provided to them, often preferring this to soiling their diapers. Natural infant hygiene is practiced in cultures where disposable diapers are not readily available. This guides provides steps for adapting this practice to any family, lifestyle,and child care scenario, and stresses the value and fun of part-time pottying. The author saved hundreds of dollars in diaper costs, had fewer messes to clean up, avoided diaper rash altogether, and also avoided common potty training struggles, all while maintaining a busy work schedule and home life.


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