Liam Labradoodle Learns Whole Body Listening

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Liam Labradoodle misses out on stories that his teacher reads to the class because he does not know HOW to listen. His sister Lily is an excellent listener and teaches Liam how to listen using his whole body. Their teacher, Miss Bun E. Hare, is happy with Liam’s new listening skills and asks him to explain to the class just HOW he listens so well. Children are often told to pay attention and listen, without tangible listening tools to work with. Liam’s story teaches Whole Body Listening, which suggests concrete listening behaviors, perhaps the how-to’s of listening. Liam learns to look at his teacher while she reads stories to the class, he thinks about what he hears and gets the most from the story. Liam also tries to keep his body quiet so that he can listen and avoid distracting himself and others. These bouncy labradoodles, Liam and Lily, entertain as they teach their lesson. Their enchanting read-aloud story will delight preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first and second graders.


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